Musique Scandaleuse / Julius FUČÍK (1872 - 1916)

Kód položky: NESL002

Julius Fučík is primarily known as a composer of concert marches, waltzes and other orchestral pieces. His chamber compositions are virtually unknown in spite of the fact that they make up a significant portion of his musical output. He composed the majority of his chamber pieces as a young man; later, being a military band music director, he was more involved with orchestral work. Fučík's chamber works are comparatively varied ranging from piano compositions (written during his study on Prague conservatory with Antonín Dvořák) and wind-instrument pieces, solo compositions for violin and piano to songs. Fučík also composed choral music - the latter especially when posted in the Croatian town of Sisak where he lead a choir.



Věra Müllerová - klavír (6-25,30) 
Robert Jindra - tenor (27,28) 
Josef Moravec - bariton (26) 

Stadler Quartet 
František Bílek - clarinet (1,3,5,29,31) 
Jan Budín - klarinet (1,3,5,31) 
Petr Budín - fagot (1,3,5,29,31) 
Vladimíra Kolková - klavír (2,4,26-29) 

Stamic Quartet members 
Vítězslav Černoch - housle (2,4,30) 
Josef Kekula - housle (30) 
Vladimír Leixner - cello (30) 


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